Home Away From Home

Can I have a tour of the facility?
Yes of course! Here at A Place For Paws we always welcome & encourage tours. We pride ourselves in keeping an incredibly clean facility so feel free to stop by anytime during our business hours.

What are your business hours?
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (closed between 12pm-1pm for lunch) Saturday 8:30am-12:00pm After hours pickup - Saturday 4:00pm & Sunday 9am or 4pm

What vaccines do you require for pets?
All dogs over 1 year old must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper Parvo & Bordetella (Canine/kennel cough) vaccines. All dogs under 1 year must be up to date on Rabies, 3 sets of Distemper Parvo & Bordetella (Canine/kennel cough) All cats must be up to date on Rabies & a yearly FVRCP vaccine.

How early do I need to make reservations for the holidays?
Due to high demand, we recommend making holiday reservations weeks to months in advance.

Is there an extra charge for holidays?
Yes, there will be an extra $5.00 per pet holiday fee on the day of the major holiday. Major holidays include New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

Is there a multiple pet discount?
Yes there is. If your pets stay in the same enclosure then there will be a 25% discount for each pet after the first.

What do I need to bring for my pets to stay?
You are allowed to bring anything to help your pet feel more comfortable as long as it fits in their enclosure. We ask that all bedding, toys or belongings be labeled with the pets name.

Do we have to bring our own dog/cat food?
We recommend you bring your pets' normal food to alleviate an upset tummy.  If not, we can serve our house food for an additional $3.00/day.

Can you administer medication?
Yes we can. There will be a $1.50 per pet, per day medication charge.

*All injections will be $2.00 per injection

*4 or more medications will be $3.00 per day

Do you board puppies?
Of course we do! We love puppies! Your puppy must be old enough to have their Rabies, 3 sets of Distemper Parvo & Bordetella vaccines.

Do dogs need to be spayed or neutered in order to stay?
No they do not need to. Dogs or cats do not come in contact with other animals during their stay with us for safety reasons. Dogs will have playtime in the same outside area but will be separated by fences. Cats will be allowed free time in the cat room one at a time.

How often do dogs get potty breaks/playtime?
During the week the dogs will go outside at a minimum of 3 times a day and on weekends it will be twice.

Do you clean my pets enclosure?
Absolutely! We pride ourselves in cleanliness here at A Place For Paws. Each enclosure is cleaned and sanitized every single day. We use a product called Triple Two which is a top of the line cleaning product specifically made for boarding & grooming facilities.

Who takes care of my dog/cat?
We have AMAZING team members at A Place For Paws! We are excited to say that our staff has training as Level 1 Pet Care Technicians.

Do I have to make a deposit to board my pet?
Yes we require a 40% deposit that will go towards your final bill in order to reserve your pets stay.